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“Empowering our students to question the world to seek the truth.”

The Secondary School for Journalism is a small high school, located in the heart of Park Slope that prides itself on knowing and nurturing every student.

Our mission at the Secondary School for Journalism is to prepare our students to be reliable, ethical, and socially responsible communicators and leaders by providing them with exposure to and hands-on experience with the multi-faceted aspects of journalism.

We are a 21st Century digital communications school with the highest expectations for ALL students. We help students find their voices and we want them to make their voices heard.

Students share their views through Socratic seminars, debates, journalistic writing, essays, and presentations. The emphasis we place on student voice dovetails with our school’s theme of Journalism.

We promote Journalism in all forms, including newspaper, broadcasts and podcasts, blogs, websites, and social media. Our students work collaboratively and individually using a wide array of tools that emphasizefield experiences, hands-on discovery and project-based learning. We believe in developing well-rounded high school graduates and that is why we offer a wide range of academic, social, and athletic co-curricular activities that include Technology and Digital Media Creation, Student Council, Basketball, Softball, and Regents and SAT Prep.

If you want your child to attend a great school with a focus on highly effective communications and critical thinking skills, a dedicated and caring staff, and a progressive vision for the development of your child’s college and career success, the Secondary School for Journalism is the school for you and your family.

Marc Williams
Secondary School for Journalism